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One Tiny Secret - Adam Kunz Whoa! This was definitely one of those books that I had a tough time putting down. The suspense was through the roof! It isn't easy for a book to actually creep me out, but this one...yeah, I was kind of freaked out when I was reading it whilst home alone.Parker is super yummy. Where were these guys when I was in high school? And oh, was this book steamy!! Holy crap!I loved that I truly didn't know who was responsible for the mayhem until the very end. Usually you can guess or have some idea by 50-75% and you are cussing the main character for being so stupid and not knowing. NOT the case here. I was stupid right along with her. Going "OH, it was so and so!"...then a few pages later "Yikes! Nope, not so and so!". So many viable suspects and no clue as to which one was "Unknown" until the very end!I love, love, loved it!!!!!