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Love Resolution (Black Cat Records, #3) - Michelle Mankin Oh, Michelle! You sure do know how to take my heart and kick it around, don't you?I'm not sure I can do this book justice, but I'll give it a try.First, I have to say that I LOVE this whole series so far. The characters are fantastic. The storylines are AMAZING. I am a huge rock and roll fan, so I love reading books that have storylines revolving around that world.I loved Avery and Marcus in this book. They both felt very real. Michelle definitely has a way of making her characters realistic and believable. I actually felt the emotions they went through. I cried (which..I'm still a little bit mad about, Michelle!). I felt my heart break along with Avery's. And steamy!! Holy sh*t is this book steamy!! *blushes*And Brian. Oh, Brian. I have to say that I'm super excited that it seems like the next book might center around him. I can only hope it is the story about how he and the waitress (named Jamie..) end up together...The book moved at a fantastic pace, keeping me glued to it all the way through - only stopping when I literally couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.Another fantastic book, well written. It has HOT male rock stars, a kick ass female lead guitarist and rock and roll. Well done, Michelle!!!