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No Attachments - Tiffany King **I received an ARC for an honest review***Sigh* I loved it! A super sweet love story along with plenty of giggle out loud moments. I told myself I wouldn't cry. And then I *might* have cried a little bit.The book moved at a perfect pace, keeping the mystery a mystery just long enough to keep you interested (but not so long that you get annoyed - you know, when you're like "just tell me what your secret is already!"). The characters are very likeable/lovable. I'm not going to lie, I kind of have a crush on Nathan. I also really liked how each chapter switched back and forth between Nathan and Ashton's point of view.Ashton is our female main character. She had a privileged life, which she escapes because she also has a secret. She moves to a small town far away from her former life so she can do all the crazy things she has never had the guts to do before. She is determined not to fall in love until...Nathan comes into town. He has a job to do. He never gets attached to his marks. He's gorgeous, charming and irresistible. I really loved him!Plenty of humor throughout the book - from Ashton's hilarious friends to Ashton's own unfortunate luck and clumsiness.A great read! I highly recommend this book!