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On Every Street  - Karina Halle I got to read an advanced copy for an honest review and I'm being honest when I say that I think Karina likes to tear hearts out and stomp on them! I have fallen in love with so many of her male lead characters and Javier was no exception. I wanted to hate him so badly. After reading about him in Sins & Needles, I thought, this guy is terrible. Then came On Every Street. Damn it. I'm still officially Team Camden, but Javier is one charming dude. I thought the end of Sins & Needles was a pretty mild cliffhanger, but after reading this book, I almost think it could have ended there. Almost. I still need more. Now I'm biding my time and *trying* to wait patiently for Shooting Scars. I cannot wait to hear what is going to transpire in the car between Ellie and Javier. I won't go into too much of the plot since the synopsis pretty much already does that. I loved seeing the relationship between Ellie and Javier develop from start to finish. The way it is written, you really feel the connection and every gutwrenching twist and turn the relationship takes. I felt my heart break when Ellie's did.And Holy Hotness!! Some of the scenes in this book are SO steamy. Javier is naughty!!Of course, I loved it. No suprise there. Karina's writing is amazing and I love me some effed up, angsty books. Definitely a MUST READ!!