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And With Madness Comes the Light (Experiment in Terror, #6.5) - Karina Halle Dex. Oh, Dex....And With Madness finally gives us insight on what Dex was up to from the end of Lying Season to the end of On Demon Wings. Told completely from Dex's point of view. I love Perry, don't get my wrong, but I love me a Dex book. I love his dirty mouth and smart ass sense of humor. I would really like to know how Karina writes a male point of view so well! And, as usual, I felt like I was going through PMS with the up and down emotions I was going through while reading this. I was laughing one minute, p*ssed the next, then I was crying... Karina's sense of humor has to be fantastic. To be able to write some of the stuff that comes out of Dex's mouth. I have to pass on some of my favorite Dexisms. He describes Maximus as a "flannel-coated p*ssy stealer". Of Perry when she was possessed - she "broke free out of the rest of the ropes like Bruce Banner on crystal meth". And don't take his chips. That will really set him off... The heartbreak. I'll tell you one thing. I hate crying because of books. I mean really hate it. So, I'm a little butthurt that she made me cry. Because you finally get to see how much Dex loves Perry. And it broke my freaking heart!"Perry was my light. I didn't know it at the time, but I know it now. And in her light, I lost the madness. It only came back when she left." *sigh*Never a dull moment in this book. I had no problem reading what happened in ODW again since it was new - we didn't get to see how a lot of the events came together when it was told from Perry's point of view. A fantastic book, people. Seriously. I loved this book. So much.