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Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher What did I think? Holy shit! Tarryn Fisher is amazing. This book is told from Leah's point of view. I was never a Leah hater and she is one crazy lady, so I knew that seeing the world through her eyes would be an interesting roller coaster ride. The book alternates from past to present, so we get to hear bits from The Opportunist and also see how her present life is playing out.Now, I know she's reprehensible. She's done her share of evil and told her share of lies. BUT, I feel for her SO much in this book. Tarryn brilliantly paints a picture of a woman who never really had a chance. Her parents are awful. Caleb lies to her and still acts like he's morally superior. I just really felt like she's no worse than he is.From cover to cover, I was enthralled. Nobody writes like Tarryn. I freaking LOVED this book and I cannot wait for Caleb's point of view.